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“By far the biggest leverage point in any business is marketing. If you get 10% better at marketing, this can have an exponential or multiplying effect on your bottom line.”

- Allan Dib, Best-selling author of The 1-Page Marketing Plan

If Marketing Is So Powerful, Why Doesn’t Everybody Do It?

Marketing can only be effective if it is precisely targeted to the needs of customers. Our approach puts customer insights first. This enables you to understand the customer journey so that the marketing (be it packaging, targeting, creative, media channels, etc.) triggers their desire to buy. Our team is battle tested, having worked for brands that consumers love. We translate this experience to an approach that is accessible to agencies, small and mid-sized businesses. You get the advantage of veteran consultants and researchers at a price that you can afford.

Sound too good to be true? Let’s start by taking the risk out of our potential partnership . . . We guarantee that your engagement with us will be successful or we will refund our fees! (more on that later*). Start a conversation with us, we guarantee you will not waste your time or money!

Successful marketing boils down to three things:

Skin-in-the-game tends to motivate

Most agencies have no stake, no vested interest in seeing their marketing efforts succeed. At AIM, our unheard-of guarantee ensures we care about your marketing just as much as you do.

Experience matters

Marketing today is complicated to say the least. But with proper understanding of the customer journey, you can use digital and traditional media to reach customers more effectively than anyone else. We work with agencies and companies to chart this marketing course.

Finding your niche is the most important thing

We enable you to understand customers who will buy more from you. At AIM, we take a proactive approach to marketing, meaning we think before we act. Every strategy has a rationale and every result is measured for success.

Jump-start your sales

Fortune 500 companies fuel their growth with multi-million dollar advertising. Certainly if you have less than a billion dollars in revenue, you cannot play like that. You may think that effective marketing is out of your reach. It is not.

We have examples of some clients who spend as little as $50K on marketing and have tremendous results. Whatever your potential budget, we know you can grow your sales by improving your marketing.

A precision approach to small business marketing

Let’s start with your success. We’re guessing that you are doing pretty well with your products or services. You are ready to take it to the next level. That’s why you are on this website. You think that you probably can grow your company and you know what? You’re right!

With limited resources, most companies have to be smart about how they spend their time and money.

If you own a small to mid-sized business (or are an agency working with clients) and want a precision approach to your marketing, Advanced Insights & Marketing (AIM) can show you how to do it. We work with you to develop a marketing program that is based on insights and experience that ensures cost effective and successful marketing.

This graphic is an example of how we enabled one company to precisely target their customers. Using research, we identified how to target and speak to their ideal customer. Our insights enabled them to have breakthrough sales.

Marketing that makes it happen

At AIM, our only goal is to help clients make more money. More specifically, we employ a variety of tools and techniques to develop a consistent marketing effort that generates more sales for your company.

Our services are custom-tailored to what your company needs, so we don’t waste your time or money. Our research-first mentality means we can show you exactly what you stand to gain from implementing specific strategies.

We engage in a variety of tried and true marketing strategies to answer our clients’ most crucial questions:

Size the market

“How big is the pie and how big of a slice can we take?”

Develop a customer profile

“Who is our target market and where can we find those customers?”

Establish a customer persona

“What resonates with our customers and how should we speak to them?”

Identify communication channels

“Where do my customers 'hang out' for information and what is the customer journey to purchase?”

Create an executable marketing plan

“What needs to happen to get us from where we are to where we want to be?”

Validate new products and services

“Will our customers see the value in our new product or service and will they be interested enough to buy?”

Experiment with new marketing concepts

“Are our customers going to react positively to a new marketing message and are they more likely to buy because of it?”

Executing the marketing plan

Our work with you starts without any commitment on your part. Ahead of our first meeting (see details below), we will carry out desk research about your industry. We will do our homework so that we are prepared for the first complimentary call. We find that most clients benefit from this fresh perspective.

If you decide to move forward with AIM, our next step is to create an insight-backed marketing plan. We offer suggestions on how this can be carried out; then comes the execution stage.

Once we agree on a strategic direction, we become the liaison to your entire marketing team. This ensures the strategy is conveyed consistently and effectively, leading to the best possible outcome and the least amount of effort for you. In particular, we . . .

  • Develop core messaging and branding ideas
  • Tap our deep network to fulfill creative and technical aspects of the campaign
  • Aid in the identification of creative agencies and monitor their work

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.”

- Arthur Schopenhauer

It all starts with a
30-minute meeting

It’s tough to show you just how much we can actually do for you without knowing anything about what you do. But give us just 30-minutes and we promise to deliver a truckload of value. And we’ll do it for FREE!

You’ll walk away with:

  1. a one-page market plan outline that you can actually implement
  2. a generalized customer profile representing your target market
  3. a list of ideas about how to target new customers and where to find them

Even if you don't end up working with us, we're sure these tips will be valuable, and there is no pressure or obligation.

About Our Team

Our exceptional team of professionals has deep experience developing insights and creating strategies for highly successful brands. We’ve won awards, we know what works. Our experience is accessible to clients of every size. Every client gets the “A” team who is dedicated to your success. During our complimentary call with you, a senior member of our team will talk with you about how you can achieve the goals that you are setting for your company.

Learn more about our team

Experience working with the following brands

Russian Standard

Developed overall strategic approach for the global launch of this brand, to compete with other vodkas like Grey Goose. Resulted in very strong sales within the first year. Vodka is now one of the leading brands in the world.

Smugglers' Notch

Worked with president to develop a Customer Satisfaction and CRM program – that resulted in high repeat business.


Carried out primary tracking effort for marketing efforts. Provided feedback used to guide modifications to advertising efforts.

Guaranteed ROI*

That’s right, we guarantee a return on your investment! We get that entrusting the growth of your business to someone is hard. Even if they seem impressive and show you they know what they’re doing, there are still going to be doubts: “Maybe it won’t work for my business.”

That’s why we’ve made it easy . . . together, we’ll set a sales goal and timeline for your success. If you’re not completely satisfied with our performance, we’ll refund our consulting fees in full (excluding field costs and expenses, see details).

As we spend most of our time doing work for clients, we can only accept one consultation per day. If you are interested in a free 30-minute meeting we recommend scheduling a consultation ASAP as slots tend to fill up quickly. If, after this consultation, you decide it is not for you, no problem.

Don’t forget: your three free gifts including a customized and actionable marketing plan are waiting!


“The best market researchers do much more than report results, they explain complex data in terms that are understandable and then they show how the data can be leveraged to get results. Measured against those high standards, AIM is all-star agency, and a delight to work with!”

Business Author

“AIM is helping our business go from Good to Great. With the help of AIM, we are ‘punching above our body weight’ – and expect to grow revenue substantially.”

CEO, Small Business

“I’ve worked with Frank for more than 10 years on a variety of projects. He has tremendous expertise and always brings fresh strategic thinking to the table. Frank makes a wonderful business partner and is a joy to work with!”

Research Director, Major Pharma Company

“Frank knows our business and brands inside and out, and is extremely passionate about our business. He is strategic, and solution oriented. Everyone who has the pleasure of working with him thinks of him as an extended team member.”

Research Director, Fortune 500 Company

“AIM is the type of business partner everyone wants. They understands what your business needs are and tailor solutions to address those needs. You can always count on AIM to provide valuable insights and meaningful recommendations to clients!”

Brand Manager

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