we believe in true "patient centricity"

To create strong DTC marketing, you must find the voice of the patient. To find the voice of the patient, you must listen to them.

Claire Wineland was a powerful woman who suffered from Cystic Fibrosis. She started Claire's Place, a foundation for this terrible disease. Commenting on DTC marketing, she said, "I don't want to bust anyone's bubble, but we're actually real people leading busy lives. That means we've got many things on our minds aside from our health... So don't be surprised if we tune out your marketing messages, especially if they keep reminding us how sick you think we are." This is such an important reminder that we must be considerate in the way that we communicate to patients.

Quantitative research conducted by the Boston Consulting Group in 2020 found the same thing—nearly half of all patients do not believe that Pharma "get's them." You will not be able to create strong patient communications or DTC marketing if you do not listen to the voices of patients. Our approach enables clients to hear this voice clearly.

speaking to patients

Nearly all great patient communication programs (examples given in our "Tips" document) started with insights from market research. And, sadly, the worst patient communication efforts ignored these voices or were misled in the counsel provided by agencies. With experience working on some of the strongest patient communication/DTC marketing programs over the past 20 years, our agency helps you hear the "true" voice of the patient. Concise research guides the development of your communication efforts.

This graphic is an example of how we enabled one company to precisely target their customers. Using research, we identified how to target and speak to their ideal customer. Our insights enabled them to have breakthrough sales.

why aim is unique

We are staffed with consultants that have worked on some of the most effective patient communication/DTC marketing campaigns, from Nexium, Crestor, Symbicort, Ambien, Plavix, and Arimidex (big campaigns) to smaller campaigns like Paragard, Plan B, Qelbree and Theravision. We also work with brands that are preparing to launch. We AIM to provide intelligence that will enable you to speak with your target population in a way that is meaningful to them. Take off the dressing of "Patient Centricity," which is a buzz phrase for many companies, and apply the idea. This will lead you to highly impactful patient communication programs,

We leverage research and consulting to provide great insights on patient communications. Our experience in the industry sets us apart from other companies—especially those that depend on evaluation from "green" analysts.

Size the market

We evaluate the size of the addressable patient population through a combination of qualitative and quantitative research, especially if the patient population is small.

Develop a customer profile

What are the characteristics of the patient population that you can best serve? We work closely with clients to understand the competitive set and identify the best opening for them in the market. We can then segment and profile patients to identify target patients that present the best opportunities.


We are always surprised when agencies and clients overlook the input of patients when creating patient communication programs. Patients find it really refreshing when you listen to their needs and take input from them. Ignoring this input can sometimes result in very weak communication programs.

Identify communication channels

Yes, the media landscape can be confusing, but it also offers tremendous opportunities for companies that trace the "Patient Journey" effectively. We understand this new landscape, including the tremendous opportunities available for social media/digital patient communication programs.

comprehensive insights

We work closely with you to understand research questions and how insights can be leveraged. Our goal is to provide information that you can use. Our reports always include key insight recommendations.

understanding what is around the corner

For many brands, there are emerging opportunities, including new indications and advanced patient targeting. Leveraging patient research and long experience in the industry, we can provide consulting that results in the development of great patient communication programs. 

ATU/measuring response to communications

We are experts on tracking (ATU's) the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.  This is done in the larger context of marketing programs launched over the past 20 years. The impact of patient communication/DTC advertising is measurable and must be monitored.

If DTC marketing is so powerful, why doesn't everybody do it?

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Our exceptional team of professionals has deep experience developing insights and creating strategies for highly successful DTC marketing. We’ve won awards; we know what works. Our experience is accessible to clients of every size. Every client gets the “A” team, which is dedicated to your success. During a complimentary call with you, a senior member of our team will talk with you about how you can achieve the goals that you are setting for your company.

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“Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.”

- Arthur Schopenhauer

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Experience working with the following brands


Developed key messaging for this ADHD medication enabling it to compete effectively in a category dominated by generics.


Worked closely on the development of marketing and brand efforts for this blockbuster medication. Supported its huge success in the marketplace.


Helped this brand to create and track reaction to this powerful and highly emotional advertising. Coupled with a PR campaign, these early efforts in the oncology space began to shift the dialogue about cancer and give patients a "voice."


“The best market researchers do much more than report results, they explain complex data in terms that are understandable and then they show how the data can be leveraged to get results. Measured against those high standards, AIM is all-star agency, and a delight to work with!”

Business Author

“I’ve worked with Frank for more than 10 years on a variety of projects. He has tremendous expertise and always brings fresh strategic thinking to the table. Frank makes a wonderful business partner and is a joy to work with!”

Research Director, Respiratory Category

“Frank knows our business and brands inside and out, and is extremely passionate about our business. He is strategic, and solution oriented. Everyone who has the pleasure of working with him thinks of him as an extended team member.”

Research Director

“AIM is the type of business partner everyone wants. They understands what your business needs are and tailor solutions to address those needs. You can always count on AIM to provide valuable insights and meaningful recommendations to clients!”

Brand Manager, CNS category


Two case studies on how specific brands were able to achieve outstand ROIs even with low DTC marketing spend.  In one of these cases, the competitor was spending 10:1 to its competition and it was the loser.

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Two case studies on how specific brands were able to achieve outstand ROIs even with low DTC marketing spend.  In one of these cases, the competitor was spending 10:1 to its competition and it was the loser.