Overcoming Taboos Related To Periods

Two UK sisters are challenging menstrual taboos with their “Love Your Period” campaign. Their goal is to empower women, encouraging them to overcome embarrassment and address period-related issues. Molly Fenton emphasizes that while science and biology are taught, the severity of period pain or abnormal symptoms is often overlooked.  They are pushing society to overcome taboos related to periods.

Abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB), affecting 20–30% of women in their lifetimes, can cause bleeding between periods or changes in timing. It’s crucial for women experiencing these symptoms to consult a healthcare provider promptly to avoid potential complications requiring urgent care, such as blood transfusion or surgery.

Raising Awareness of AUB

Efforts to raise awareness about menstrual health are underway in schools, forums, and with education/websites from healthcare product companies.  For example, Hologic’s “Better is Possible” campaign focuses on educating women about disruptive symptoms of periods, aiming to eliminate the silence around uterine health issues.  Stigma is a key problem that blocks treatment of disruptive periods.  As with other conditions (such as Overactive Bladder), patient education programs can help to overcome these stigmas about disruptive periods.  And open the dialogue with women.

Mary Byerly, Vice President of Marketing at Hologic stresses the need for women to seek treatment without suffering in silence. The campaign encourages women to discuss their symptoms with healthcare professionals and consider available solutions, including Hologic’s products.  These are important steps as we make it easier for women to talk about sensitive issues such as these disruptive periods.

Our company works with companies like Hologic to understand the needs of patients so they no longer need to suffer in silence.  We help our clients to “hear the voice of the patients.”  Thus the can establish programs that effectively address these needs.