Education and Early Diagnosis of Cancer Patients

Cancer is a silent killer that creeps up on people.  Currently ~50% of cancers are diagnosed at an advanced stage that is difficult to treat.  To improve cancer treatment, we need to increase patient education about cancer symptoms and at the same time develop new ways to test for it.  Patient education is the crucial element […]

Patient Communication Promotes Diagnosis of CKD

Chronic #kidneydisease (CKD) affects around 37 million Americans. However, for a variety of reasons the disease can go undetected leading to series issues for patients. In the early stages of kidney disease, there might be no noticeable symptoms, or the symptoms could be subtle and nonspecific, such as fatigue, mild changes in urine pattern, or […]

Lessons On Why Marketing From Purdue Pharma Was So Corrupt

In August of 2023, the most popular series on Netflix today is “Painkiller.”  The story of Purdue Pharmaceutical. It starts with a gut-wrenching scene. A mother whose son was killed by #OxyContin says “this series is based on real events, but some of it is fictionalized. But the death of my son was not. He was […]

DTC Marketing & Patient Communication Improves Treatment of HIV

In the 1980s, HIV was a scourge on the population, killing over 100K people by 1991. Stigma and general ignorance about it seriously undermined treatment. To confront these problems, patient communication programs funded by governments and foundations were initiated. This type of patient education was novel, with almost no precedent. A famous PSA launched in the […]

Direct to Consumer (DTC) Marketing Benefits Patients

The benefits of Direct to Consumer (DTC) marketing have been debated since it was first introduced intothe mainstream in 1997. Only two countries in the world allow it, the US and New Zealand. Plenty of people criticize it. Just last year, another bill was introduced in Congress to restrict it. So, what makes us think […]