Emotional DTC Advertising Is Highly Effective

The Pharma industry is waking up to the idea that emotional DTC advertising works. That is, when the emotional hook is well connected to the rational benefits of the brand. These ads will be noticed and are most likely to drive discussion with a doctor, which will result in a script. For example, recent Chantix […]

Restaurant Marketing During Covid

It never was easy to run a restaurant. In 2019 the failure rate for new restaurants was around 60% and a vast majority would fail within 5 years. Crazy business to be in, huh? Enter Covid. You take a serious small business problem and put it on steroids. For months, many restaurants could not even […]

Evolving Online Shopping Behavior Leads to Increased Opportunities

The trend toward shopping online will continue and accelerate this year, as consumers look to stay safe. This evolving shopping behavior will dramatically affect the potential for companies in the coming year. According to an Accenture survey, 61% of consumers plan to minimize in-store shopping to reduce health risks.  The holidays will not be bright for […]

A Small Business Can Distinguish Itself From Major Competitors

You may wonder how a small business can distinguish itself from major competitors? They act like PT Boats. While big companies duke it out among themselves, smaller companies can attack and take share. But not if they try to compete head on. For example, Wal-mart is taking on Amazon Prime with its own delivery subscription […]