DTC Marketing

Great DTC Creative Is Different

Later this month, I am serving on a panel that will discuss how Pharma companies develop “great DTC creative”.  While there is no recipe for great advertising (in general), the tactics leading to the goal are the same.  Draw attention, make it relevant, deliver a powerful (and if possible distinctive message) and spark action.  Basically […]

Supporting Caregivers As They Learn More About Treatment Options

One in five adults is a caregiver for a family member that is experiencing a chronic disease. Caregiving runs the gamut of disease states from ADHC among children 6-17 to patients with lung cancer, adults with alzheimer’s and mental health issues, etc. The common denominator is that these caregivers are dedicated to helping their loved […]

Not A Dry Eye In The House

  Kate Walsh is not a doctor, but she plays one on TV in the popular show “Grey’s Anatomy”. She is also partnering with Alcon in its new campaign “Make Every Look Count” for Systane. I don’t watch this show so the star power does not work on me. However, it will garner attention from […]

Please Do Not Criticize DTC Advertising – It Saves Lives

  My family is liberal and for years they have attacked me about DTC Advertising. At holiday gatherings, they often call me the “black sheep” for the role that I play in creating patient advertising. Other more famous people also attack me. At one conference, Ralph Nader (the Pinto guy) came down hard on me […]