DTC Marketing

Supporting Caregivers As They Learn More About Treatment Options

  One in five adults is a caregiver for a family member that is experiencing a chronic disease. Caregiving runs the gamut of disease states from ADHC among children 6-17 to patients with lung cancer, adults with alzheimer’s and mental health issues, etc. The common denominator is that these caregivers are dedicated to helping their […]

Not A Dry Eye In The House

  Kate Walsh is not a doctor, but she plays one on TV in the popular show “Grey’s Anatomy”. She is also partnering with Alcon in its new campaign “Make Every Look Count” for Systane. I don’t watch this show so the star power does not work on me. However, it will garner attention from […]

Please Do Not Criticize DTC Advertising – It Saves Lives

  My family is liberal and for years they have attacked me about DTC Advertising. At holiday gatherings, they often call me the “black sheep” for the role that I play in creating patient advertising. Other more famous people also attack me. At one conference, Ralph Nader (the Pinto guy) came down hard on me […]