General Marketing

Restaurant Marketing During Covid

It never was easy to run a restaurant. In 2019 the failure rate for new restaurants was around 60% and a vast majority would fail within 5 years. Crazy business to be in, huh? Enter Covid. You take a serious small business problem and put it on steroids. For months, many restaurants could not even […]

Evolving Online Shopping Behavior Leads to Increased Opportunities

The trend toward shopping online will continue and accelerate this year, as consumers look to stay safe. This evolving shopping behavior will dramatically affect the potential for companies in the coming year. According to an Accenture survey, 61% of consumers plan to minimize in-store shopping to reduce health risks.  The holidays will not be bright for […]

How Market Research Enables You to Increase Customer Demand

The only sure way to significantly grow revenue is to increase customer demand. And sometimes this demand can come from the most unexpected places. In the 80’s if you asked a person to pay money for bottled water, they would probably have replied “are you crazy?” Then a combination of marketing, health and environmental factors […]

The Dough Boy Invades Russia

When I was working in Russia, I took on a project for Pillsbury. They were launching brands and wanted to know if the Russians would react positively to their central brand cue, the Dough Boy. This was back in 1997 when brands were very new to Russia (Coca Cola, McDonalds were just starting, Vogue launched […]