Why Sharon Debacco is a Trailblazer in the DTC World

Recently the LINZESS team has won a lot of awards for its DTC efforts. In these days when awards are often given like confetti, this team truly deserves recognition. LINZESS is without a doubt a poster child for great DTC advertising. Sharon cut her teeth on DTC marketing in the early days of patient marketing. […]

Are Famous Spokespeople Effective in DTC Advertising?

Looking back in the history of DTC advertising, celebrities were only rarely used in the early days. Pharma companies were not convinced that famous spokespeople would be effective in their ads. Would they be credible? And worse, some thought that perhaps it would be a bit unseemly to use “actors” to shill their products. So […]

Emotional DTC Advertising Is Highly Effective

The Pharma industry is waking up to the idea that emotional DTC advertising works. That is, when the emotional hook is well connected to the rational benefits of the brand. These ads will be noticed and are most likely to drive discussion with a doctor, which will result in a script. For example, recent Chantix […]