Patient Centricity

The Importance of Patient Education Programs

This year, GSK and the International Federation on Aging (IFA) have collaborated to launch the inaugural Shingles Awareness Week. Why? Because most Americans do not know much about the disease. This is a mistake that must be addressed. And this is true of many “silent diseases.” Examples are conditions such as pancreatic cancer, shingles, hepatitis […]

How Do You Talk With Patients?

Is It Important to Catch Their Attention? Sure it is. If they do not notice the communication, it cannot have an effect. However the form should not overwhelm the content. This means that any communication should be highly relevant to the patients and consistent with the feelings that they have. KEYTRUDA demonstrates great examples of […]

How Does Patient Centricity Relate to DTC Marketing?

    The idea of patient centricity is not new. In the past, many companies defined patient centricity according to their ability to develop medications that could treat healthcare conditions. That is a very restrictive definition that does not fit the current environment very well. Listening to the voice of the patient is the modern […]