Patient Targeting

Patient Education and Early Diagnosis of Cancer

Cancer is a silent killer that creeps up on people.  Currently only  ~50% of cancers are diagnosed at an advanced stage, when it is very difficult to treat.  To improve cancer treatment, we need to increase patient education about cancer symptoms and at the same time develop new ways to test for it.  Patient education and […]

Overcoming the Obesity Epidemic

In addition to physical consequences, many individuals face social stigma related to weight. They endure both overt and subtle social repercussions, from hurtful comments to rejection in various situations. “Fat shaming” is prevalent, even within the medical community, where overweight patients are more likely to receive advice for weight loss rather than treatment for medical […]

comparing cpg marketing tactics to dtc marketing

The only sure way to significantly grow revenue is to increase customer demand. And sometimes this demand can come from the most unexpected places. In the 80’s, if you asked a person to pay money for bottled water, they would probably have replied, “Are you crazy?” Then, a combination of marketing, health, and environmental factors […]

DTC Marketing Offers Patients Information

Healthcare has undergone many changes in the 21st century. With the advent of Covid-19, it may now be poised for even more radical changes. In the 20th century, doctors were exclusively in the driver’s seat. Like a taxi passenger, patients let the doctor take them to their destination. However, in recent years, that patient journey […]