Iconic DTC Advertising

Ads for Doritos are wild. Ads for pharmaceutical medications are not. Can’t be. Welcome to the world of pharmaceutical advertising, the “Sea of Sameness.”  We rarely see iconic DTC Advertising. To be successful, DTC advertising does not have to be iconic.  Successful ads engage the audience, deliver compelling messages, and develop “branded memorability” that triggers […]

Creating Great DTC Advertising

If you watch TV, you see Pharma advertising.  A lot!  You’ll see long commercials that often talk about obscure diseases along with gross side effects.  You must be wondering.  Why do Pharma brands do these ads?  Simply put, they do want you to “…ask your doctor if X is right for you…”  And if you […]

Unfortunate DTC Advertising

The Superbowl is exciting!  It is quite natural to see provocative advertising.  Including ads for lip gloss, “Duck Plump.”  Some creative, living perhaps in LA or NYC, came up with this stuff and they may win an award at Cannes.  However, we never see this type of thing in Pharma.  Or do we?  We witnessed […]