Alleviating Patient Stigma

Early DTC Efforts to Confront Condition Stigma In the earliest days of DTC marketing, Prozac used advertising to demonstrate that medication could help patients with depression. Such marketing was revolutionary – empowering patients to talk with their doctors. Following these efforts, Zoloft and Cymbalta helped to alleviate the stigma that was associated with the condition. […]

Is DTC TV Really Effective? Really?

Studies have been conducted about DTC effectiveness since 2002.  The results are conclusive.  DTC marketing is effective.  In the early days of DTC, the emphasis was on TV and Print advertising.  DTC was being used mainly for drugs with very big budgets.  Prozac was the pioneer followed soon by Nexium, Lipitor and Viagra.  ROI on […]

How Do You Talk With Patients

Is It Important to Catch Their Attention? Sure it is. If they do not notice the communication it cannot have an effect. However the form should not overwhelm the content. This means that any communication should be highly relevant to the patients, consistent with the feelings that they have. KEYTRUDA demonstrates great examples of meetings […]