Why Is DTC Marketing So Powerful?

In the early days of DTC marketing, Pharma companies wondered if they could even get a positive return on their DTC investments. Marketing for brands like NEXIUM proved they could.

DTC marketing is not necessary in every category, but these days the number of companies that use it effectively has greatly expanded. At a minimum, communication efforts can educate, facilitate better conversations with HCPs, and positively affect compliance. At its best, patient communications set your brand apart from the competition. In some cases (like Linzess, for example), the impact can be dramatic!

Successful patient marketing boils down to 3 things:

understanding their true needs and motivations

As Claire Wineland said, it is critical to listen to the patients as you develop high impact communications. Once you truly understand the patient, you can craft effective communications.

be unique, relevant and authentic

Marketing today is complicated to say the least. But with proper understanding of the customer journey, you can use digital and traditional media to reach customers more effectively than anyone else. We work with agencies and companies to chart this marketing course.

Clearly Identify Your Goals

This must be established at the start and then measured. The goal of one campaign may be to build brand awareness while the goal of another could be differentiation in a category or driving compliance. It is essential for the team to define the desired outcome of the marketing tactics.

we work with you to go deep

Our work with you starts without any commitment on your part. With data on nearly all therapeutic categories, we will review your position in the marketplace.  Ahead of an initial discussion with you, we will review quantitative files, which includes a wealth of non-proprietary information, often specifically in your category. We will also speak with the head of our patient panel to understand key patient needs within that category and also collect information about respondent availability for any project.  As noted elsewhere, our data collection is direct with no "mark-up" for a sample vendor.

Following our discussion, if you wish to consider us for a specific project or engagement, we will provide you with a detailed proposal on how we will get the job done.  And most importantly, here is what you can expect from us.  

Our commitment to you is to . . .

  • Clearly understand your questions so that we can provide exactly the insights that you need.
  • Leverage an agile research approach, meaning you get results on time.
  • Always provide a positive return on your research investment. We keep promises and go further than your minimum requirements. We guarantee your full satisfaction.

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.”

- Arthur Schopenhauer

It all starts with a
30-minute consultation

We'd like an opportunity to demonstrate how we can provide value to your company. By clicking here, you can schedule a brief call with a senior member of our team:

Our promises in advance of this call:

  1. It is not a capability or sales call. We are there to listen to you and, where possible, provide value.
  2. In advance of the call, we will review our database of information and collect all non-proprietary information that may be of interest to you—we will do our homework.
  3. If you wish to take the conversation further, we will respond to any requests that you have.  

Even if you don't end up working with us, we're sure these tips will be valuable, and there is no pressure or obligation.

Experience working with the following brands


Developed key messaging for this ADHD medication enabling it to compete effectively in a category dominated by generics.


Worked closely on the development of marketing and brand efforts for this blockbuster medication. Supported its huge success in the marketplace.


Helped this brand to create and track reaction to this powerful and highly emotional advertising. Coupled with a PR campaign, these early efforts in the oncology space began to shift the dialogue about cancer and give patients a "voice."


“The best market researchers do much more than report results, they explain complex data in terms that are understandable and then they show how the data can be leveraged to get results. Measured against those high standards, AIM is all-star agency, and a delight to work with!”

Business Author

“I’ve worked with Frank for more than 10 years on a variety of projects. He has tremendous expertise and always brings fresh strategic thinking to the table. Frank makes a wonderful business partner and is a joy to work with!”

Research Director, Respiratory Category

“Frank knows our business and brands inside and out, and is extremely passionate about our business. He is strategic, and solution oriented. Everyone who has the pleasure of working with him thinks of him as an extended team member.”

Research Director

“AIM is the type of business partner everyone wants. They understands what your business needs are and tailor solutions to address those needs. You can always count on AIM to provide valuable insights and meaningful recommendations to clients!”

Brand Manager, CNS category


Two case studies on how specific brands were able to achieve outstand ROIs even with low DTC marketing spend.  In one of these cases, the competitor was spending 10:1 to its competition and it was the loser.

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