The AIM Team

Our exceptional team of professionals has deep experience developing insights and creating strategies for highly successful brands. We’ve won awards; we know what works. Our experience is accessible to clients of every size. Every client gets the “A” team, which is dedicated to your success. During our complimentary call with you, a senior member of our team will talk with you about how you can achieve the goals that you are setting for your company.

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Mick McWilliams, PhD is a thought leader in the research industry, known for his work on Bayesian, predictive analytics, and “machine learning." These approaches are often uniquely suited to solving complicated analytic questions. Please let us take a moment to explain. When you get down to it, Mick really helps clients to understand what drives consumer selection of their product or service, be it emotional, rational, convenience, price, etc. This gives you the tools you need to make decisions about how to successfully present your offer to consumers. Mick likes to use quotes from famous people. Here is one that is apt, “Data is not Information, and Information is not Knowledge.” -Peter Drucker. Put data on your side to make key decisions and make more money.


Fred Church is an advanced analytics professional with a background including major companies like BASES and Ipsos.  He is an expert in demand forecasting and ROI modeling. While others can tell you how your campaign performed over the past 12 months, Fred has developed a unique validated model that enables you to predict how your campaign is likely to perform in the next 12 months. This approach will also show you the channels that will produce the highest ROI. With sensible and no-nonsense recommendations, Fred will help you find the way to spend your marketing budget wisely to have the maximum impact.


Wes Michael founded Rare Patient Voice in 2013 to give patients and caregivers with rare diseases the opportunity to voice their opinions in research studies. Rare Patient Voice has now conducted over 6,000 studies and rewarded patients and caregivers with over $8 million for their participation. Many have been recruited in person by Wes and his team at patient events like fund-raising walks and patient conferences. Rare Patient Voice now covers non-rare as well as rare diseases and conditions and has expanded from the United States to Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand. Wes lives outside Baltimore, Maryland, with his wife Cathy, teen children Julia and Cliff, two-year-old grandson Taylor, and dogs Ace and Stanley.


Nate Kruska is a designer for the new age, where digital and websites are just as important as television and print were to big companies long ago. Nate has more than a decade of experience in website development, design, and marketing and has acquired extensive expertise in website technologies and marketing concepts. When designing ideas for the internet, he believes that the client comes first. So, he listens to you.  Really listens. He takes the time necessary to acquire a complete understanding of your business objectives and create a digital marketing approach or website that meets your goals.


Mike Bellhouse is a skilled quantitative analyst known for building strong client relationships and delivering superior insights that drive top and bottom line business revenue. Having worked directly with a myriad of Fortune 500 and fast growing smaller companies across a host of industries, Mike has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge on how brands can best engage with consumers to demonstrate relevance and persuasive differentiation from competitors. He is an expert at integrating large and small data sets including 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data in order to uncover tremendous opportunities though statistical analysis, modeling, and data visualization. Few analysts can better understand how to effectively use data to the client’s advantage.


Susie Ribnik is known for her excellence in project management for complex research studies. With nearly thirty years experience in the industry, she seamlessly leads studies for AIM. She has managed hundreds of projects utilizing various quantitative and qualitative methods, both domestically and internationally. These projects include studies targeted on pharmaceutical/healthcare professionals & patients, consumer package goods, scientific test equipment, financial, automotive, and entertainment. She is known for on-time, high-quality delivery of results—meaning that we meet the deadlines that we set with you.


Mohammed “Ziad” Alam leads a large team that prepares survey setup and presentation. The main focus of his team is on highly professional charting that brings data to life. Ever been in a meeting where the team looks at a cluttered data slide and asks, “What does that mean?” That does not happen with the work from his team. Using the latest graphic aids, including infographics, his team makes sure that the information is clearly presented and easy to understand. These presentations can be used to guide decisions all the way up the line in your company.


Sib Law is a management consultant with unique expertise in sales execution, helping organizations implement strategy and maximize returns where marketing meets personal interface. 


Frank Chipman has over 20 years of experience using insights to help healthcare clients build highly effective brands and marketing programs. He started his career working for major CPG companies like Unilever, J&J, Boston Beer, and Hershey's. Then, in 2001, he was recruited to conduct global research for Eli Lilly ahead of its launch of Duloxitine (CYMBALTA). Ahead of the game, Lilly was looking to understand how to talk with patients about the brand in a way that they could understand. Since that time, Frank's career has focused almost exclusively on healthcare. He prides himself on being  a "trusted advisor" and always offering solid value to clients.